Why Christianity is the answer!

Questions from the Sermon:

1. In light of the protests around our nation and the latest supreme court ruling on gender, when if ever, is it appropriate for a Christian to stand against authority? (Matt 14:3-5, John 18:36, Romans 13:1-4, Acts 4:18-19)

2. What similarities or differences do you find between the modern Social Justice movement and Justice as described in the Bible? (Psalm 106:3, `Isaiah 1:17, Micah 6:8)

3.  Why is Jesus not committed to the modern idea of fairness? (Matt 20:1-16, Psalm 73)

4. Based on the latest Supreme Court ruling, what do you think Romans 1:18-31 has to say to us?

5.  In your view, what implications does Isaiah 5:20 have for the current chaos in our culture?

6. How would the gospel solve our cultures problems, and how should the gospel bring us confidence, peace, and joy, in the midst of all the bizarre chaos we are currently facing? (I Cor 2:2-5)

Evangelism Challenge:  Meet with another family this week. You can get together in someone’s home, or if you are more comfortable, meet outdoors at a park or coffee house.

FIGHT VERSE:  Keep memorizing the lengthy summer passage you picked for this summer!

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