Christianity Astray (Week 12)

  1. Why do so many people believe all roads lead to God? How would you bring up with someone, that all roads but Jesus lead to demons? (I Corinthians 10:15-22)
  2. List five things that are lawful but not profitable (I Cor 10:23)
  3. In a world that says “do what makes you happy”, God says, do what is good for others. How is that radically different? (I Cor 10:24)
  4. How does doing everything for God’s glory bless others? (I Cor 10:31-33)
  5. What practical application can you think of for these verses?

Evangelism Challenge

Give someone a generous tip this week and a tract. Try and give an explanation for why you are giving them the tract.

Encouragement Challenge

Call 3 members of Providence this week in order to encourage them!

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