Christianity Astray (Week 18)

I Corinthians 16

  1. What do you think of Paul and Apollos’ decision making? Since they are not saying, “God told me” how were they deciding what paths to follow? (16:5-12)
  2. What most stands out to you about these five commands? (16:13-14) Do you see yourself as following theses commands?
  3. Why is Paul so against false Christians who threaten the health of the church? (16:22)
  4. With most “progressive” churches denying hell, the exclusivity of the gospel, and the need for atonement, how are modern progressive churches worse off than Corinth.
  5. What have you learned from the book of 1st Corinthians?

Evangelism Challenge

Keep meeting up before small group to go share your faith.

Fight Verse Challenge

Finish up your summer extended passage challenge and share it with your small group!

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