Competing Kingdoms (Week 1)

A study over the Book of Daniel – Chapter 1

  1. The Bible presents God as a King above every king. Why would this have been difficult to believe in the case of Nebuchadnezzar? Do you think this will be hard for some to believe based on who is elected this November? Why? (Daniel 1:2, Isaiah 40:23; Psalm 49:5)
  2. How did the demonic influence behind Babylon seek to tempt and indoctrinate Daniel? (Daniel 1:3-7) How does that same demonic influence seek to tempt and indoctrinate us today?
  3. Why would they accept their names being changed but not accept eating the king’s delicious foods? (Daniel 1:5-8)
  4. What was God doing to strengthen and help Daniel? (Daniel 1:9,17-20) How does God strengthen and help His people through adversity today? (I Peter 5:7)

Fight Verse

“He it is who reduces rulers to nothing. Who makes the judges of the earth meaningless.” (Isaiah 40:23)

Evangelism Challenge

Go out in pairs before small group to share the gospel!

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