Competing Kingdoms (Week 9)

A study over the Book of Daniel – Chapter 9

  1. How was Daniel seeking a word from God through the Word of God? (Daniel 9:1-2) What did he find?
  2. This chapter is largely a long prayer by Daniel. (Daniel 9:4-19) What in Daniel’s prayer do you find yourself often praying for?
  3. If God’s people were to make a clean start in Jerusalem, they needed to first have a clean heart. What would happen if they make a clean start without a clean heart?
  4. Have you ever observed people trying to make a clean start without first having a clean heart? What was the outcome?
  5. Why is God’s answer about things so far in the future rather than about things that were going on right then?

Evangelism Challenge

Share the gospel with someone over the Thanksgiving week!

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