Crazy World, Good God (Week 5)

A study through 1st and 2nd Peter – “Crazy World, Good God” – I Peter 3:1-7

Marriage Done God’s Way!
  1. Read I Peter 3:1-7. Why do these verses often create so much controversy and conflict among professing believers?
  2. Why are women to model godly character in order to see change in their husbands, rather than using their words to bring about change? (I Peter 3:1) How then are wives to bring up their godly concerns to their husband?
  3. Which is easier, to work on external appearance or internal character? (I Peter 3:3-6) How would you know if you are prioritizing inner verses outer beauty?
  4. How can a husband live with his wife as with a weaker vessel? (I Peter 3:7) What is the opposite of living with her as the weaker vessel?

Challenge 2021

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