Crazy World, Good God (Week 6)

A study through 1st and 2nd Peter – “Crazy World, Good God” – I Peter 3:8-22

  1. How would you describe the concept of living for heaven in a world heading to hell?
  2. How are the 7 commands listed in verse 8-9 the opposite of how fallen humanity normally functions. How does social media help or hinder living out these commands?
  3. How do you sanctify Jesus as Lord in your life? (I Peter 3:15)
  4. How do you know if you have a good conscience? (I Peter 3:16)
  5. How is Noah a picture of what Jesus would ultimately do for you? (I Peter 3:20-22)

Challenge 2021

“One A Week”

Every week try and share the gospel with at least one person!

Reading challenge

Continue reading through the Bible!