Crazy World, Good God (Week 9)

A study through 1st and 2nd Peter – “Crazy World, Good God” – II Peter 1:1-15

  1. The rise of false teachers made things worse for God’s people by the time Peter wrote his second letter. How do false teachers amplify the suffering of God’s people?
  2. How does all of God’s power come to us through His Word? (II Peter 1:3)
  3. Explain how a person is to diligently labor for spiritual growth and change, (II Peter 1:5, II Peter 1:10; Philippians 2:12) while not becoming a legalist who believes their spiritual lives are now all up to their works (Galatians 3:1-3)
  4. Why does Peter say if you “practice” rather than “believe” these things, you will never stumble? (II Peter 1:10) How do people who don’t practice these things stumble?

Challenge 2021

“One A Week”

Every week try and share the gospel with at least one person!

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