Genesis – Where it all began (Week 15)

A study through the book of Genesis (Week 15) – “Genesis – Where it all began”

Genesis 17
  1. Does God call you to walk with Him and be blameless as He did with Abraham? If so, what does that mean? (Genesis 17:1, Philippians 2:15, I Timothy 3:2-7)
  2. Everything in Abrahams life revolved around a covenant with God. Could you say the same of your life? If so, how? (Genesis 17:2-5)
  3. The covenant was to be the centerpiece of each successive generation. (Genesis 17:7) Why did God’s peoples so often fail at making the covenant the centerpiece for the next generation, and why do so many Christian parents today fail at this?
  4. Of all the symbols that God could use for this covenant, why circumcision? (Genesis 17:24-27)

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