Genesis – Where it all began (Week 16)

A study through the book of Genesis (Week 16) – “Genesis – Where it all began”

Genesis 18-19
  1. How could Sarah laugh in unbelief (Genesis 18:12) while God attributes to her great faith in believing? (Hebrews 11:11)
  2. Since we often hear “all sin is the same”, why did God treat Sodom and the cities of the valley, as worse than all the other cities? (Genesis 18:20; 19:29)
  3. How could Lot be considered righteous (II Peter 2:8), when he even offered his daughters out to be gang raped? (Genesis 19:8)
  4. How could Lot choose to stay so long in a place that was torment to him (II Peter 2:8), even to the point that his wife and daughters were shaped by Sodom? (Genesis 19:26; 19:32-35) What parallel dangers do we face today?

Challenge 2022

Join us in prayer for all those who heard the gospel as a result of the outreach Sunday!

Reading challenge

Continue reading through the Book of Genesis!