Genesis – Where it all began (Week 23)

A study through the book of Genesis (Week 23)

Genesis 26
  1. Why do you think God did not keep Abraham or Isaac from famine in the promised land? (Genesis 26:1; Genesis 12:10) Do you think God brought the famines on purpose?
  2. Why would Isaac commit the same sin as his father? (Genesis 26:7-9) Are there sins that have been handed down through the generations in your family?
  3. How was God blessing Isaac even though He allowed hardship in his life? (Genesis 26:11-12, 26:1) Have you ever experienced this?
  4. Why did Isaac just keep digging wells rather than quit and wait on God or assume God did not want him to dig a well? (Genesis 26:15-22) Can you think of any modern-day parallels?

Challenge 2022

Keep sharing your faith as a way of life!!

Reading challenge

Memorize Genesis 15:6 this week!