Genesis – Where it all began (Week 32)

A study through the book of Genesis (Week 32)

Genesis 35-36
  1. How could this believing family have so many bad habits? (Genesis 35:2-3) Did they need to go to God for cleansing or clean themselves up in order to go to God? (II Timothy 2:21; John 13:10)
  2. Jacob was confident of God’s continual presence, provision, and protection in his life (Genesis 35:3) Should we have the same confidence and if so, how should that confidence affect our lives?
  3. A major theme of Genesis is God blessing his people. (Genesis 1:21; 35:9) How do we experience God’s blessings today?
  4. How could Jacob and his legacy be blessed while Esau and his legacy is cursed? (Genesis 35-36)
  5. What can you take away and apply from these chapters?

November Fight Verse

Continue memorizing Psalm 121 for the month of November!

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