Lord’s Prayer

Lord’s Prayer Matthew 6:9-14 – Elder Brian Rohe

  1. The prayer describes God as a personal “father/daddy”, but also as a king with a kingdom and one who is “holy”. Which aspect do you appreciate most? Are you more likely to be overly casual or overly distant when praying to God?
  2. The kingdom coming is a big part of this short prayer v10. Is this a regular part of your prayer? What do you most look forward to about this kingdom?
  3. What are the most common differences in the way believers seem to pray versus the way the Lord’s prayer models for us?
  4. How rushed/busy does daily life feel on scale of 1-10? At what point (if any) does this seem to interfere with the ability to?
    • easily begin prayer with your father in heaven
    • be still and know He is God
    • listen to and love others

Challenge 2023

Keep sharing your faith as a way of life!!