Palm Sunday 2023

Palm Sunday

  1. In your understanding of Lent, is it helpful or hindersome to people being called to “follow all that God commanded” (Matthew 28:20)?
  2. With statements like “what was spoken” (Matthew 21:4) and “it is written” (Matthew 21:13) everything Jesus did was about fulfilling the recorded will of God in the scriptures. How is that different than the emotional pursuit of modern Christian movements and even modern “revivals”?
  3. This “open air” worship service was thoroughly biblical (Matthew 21:5, 9-11) so why did the people almost universally change their mind by the end of the week (Luke 23:18=23)?
  4. Why did Jesus go straight to the temple and make such a scene? (Matthew 21:12-13) How did that affect His popularity? What negatively affects His popularity today
  5. In the end Jesus was their to save them from their own sins, but the people expected Him to be there to save them from everything else. How is that still an issue today?

Challenge 2023

Keep sharing your faith as a way of life!!

April Memory Verse Challenge

Psalm 98:4-9