Paul’s Letters: Week 4 – II Corinthians

II Corinthians

  1. Paul was dedicated to not use “fleshly wisdom”. (II Corinthians 1:12-13) When do you hear Christians using fleshly wisdom?
  2. Why is it so hard for modern Christians to distinguish between true teachers of God’s Word and false ones? (II Corinthians 11:4, 20)
  3. How do the promises listed in II Corinthians 6:16-18 motivate us to cleanse ourselves? (II Corinthians 7:1) What does it mean to cleanse yourself?
  4. Why did Paul boast so much in his weakness rather than his strength? (II Corinthians 11:30, 12:5, 12:9-10, 13:3-4)

Challenge 2024

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