Romans – What Every Person Should Believe (Week 17)

A study through the Book of Romans (Week 17) – “Romans – What Every Person Should Believe”

Romans Chapter 11
  1. For the Jews it was the small group not the big group that was actually faithful to God and truly saved. Do you think that is true today? (Romans 11:1-5) How does that impact things?
  2. Why would people claim to be on God’s team while not believing or following Him? (Romans 11:7-10, Romans 2:17-29)
  3. How do you reconcile in your mind, God being both severe and kind? (Romans 11:22) Which do you find easier to consider?
  4. What stands out about God in verses Romans 11:33-36 that strengthens and encourages you in your current circumstances in life?
  5. What most stands out to you in the first eleven chapters of Romans?

Challenge 2021

“One A Week”

Share the gospel with at least one person this week!

Reading challenge

Continue reading through the Bible! Pick a chapter from the Book of Psalms and memorize it this summer!