Romans – What Every Person Should Believe (Week 20)

A study through the Book of Romans (Week 20) – “Romans – What Every Person Should Believe”

Romans Chapter 13
  1. Which countries can you think of that have godly leaders? Which countries can you think of that have ungodly leaders? How does that fit with (Romans 13:1)?
  2. What aspects of the government do you find most challenging to subject yourself to? (Romans 13:1) Are there any exceptions to this command? (Acts 4:18-20)
  3. How would you view the riots and protests of the past 2 years in light of Romans 13:2?
  4. Why should people fear the government? How does this fit with the recent push to lessen punishments for crimes, as well as the calls to defund the police? (Romans 13:3-4)
  5. Is this call to fear government a call to justice or injustice? (Romans 13:4)

Evangelism Challenge

Join a group for the first Sunday of the month outreach after church!

Reading challenge

Continue reading through the Bible! Pick a chapter from the Book of Psalms and memorize it this summer!