Romans – What Every Person Should Believe (Week 21)

A study through the Book of Romans (Week 21) – “Romans – What Every Person Should Believe”

Romans Chapter 13 Part 2
  1. What does it mean that we owe this honor, respect, or tax? (Romans 13:6-7) Who specifically do you owe honor or respect to?
  2. What does it mean to be indebted only to love? (Romans 13:8)
  3. Why does God connect money and love so intimately in the scriptures? (Romans 13:8; Matthew 6:20-21)
  4. Do you agree with the statement; “You either love money and use God and others to get it, or you love God and others and use your money to serve them”. Why or why not?
  5. How are the ten commandments the embodiment of love? (Romans 13:8-10) Do most people see the commandments as a means of love?

Challenge 2022

Make plans to join with the church body the first Sunday of each month to go share the gospel!!

Reading challenge

Continue reading through the Bible! Pick a chapter!