Romans – What Every Person Should Believe (Week 26)

A study through the Book of Romans (Week 26) – “Romans – What Every Person Should Believe”

Romans 16:1-16
  1. In Paul’s list of servants and characteristics of their service, which person or persons most stood out to you and why? (Romans 16:1-15)
  2. If your ministry were summed up in one word or one sentence, what do you think that would be or include?
  3. With Priscilla and Aquila being such a powerful couple for the gospel, what can we learn from their example? (Acts 18:1-4, 23-28; Romans 16:3-4)
  4. When Paul lists families that served the Lord together (Romans 16:10), what would it mean to be a family known not for the sports they play or the hobbies they have, but for the service they give together to the Lord?
  5. Why do we contextualize the practice of kissing one another, and instead greet one another with something familiar to us, like a hand shake or hug? (Romans 16:16)

Challenge 2022

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Reading challenge

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