Romans – What Every Person Should Believe (Week 27)

A study through the Book of Romans (Week 27) – “Romans – What Every Person Should Believe”

Romans Chapter 16:17-27
  1. What stands out to you in our study of Romans? Do you see any changes in your thoughts or actions as a result of Romans?
  2. How do you keep an eye out for those who are evil and lead people astray? (Romans 16:17-18) How do they make evil seem good?
  3. Who are the “unsuspecting” that are carried away by lies and distractions? (Romans 16:18) Do they see themselves as “unsuspecting”? (Romans 16:18)
  4. In a day where people love to separate the Spirit’s leading from the bible, how does the Spirit always lead us to rely on the scriptures alone? (Romans16:24-27; II Peter 1:20-21; II Timothy 3:16-17)

Challenge 2022

Pray and plan for the first Sunday of the month to join in an outreach to our community!

Reading challenge

Continue reading through the Bible! Pick a chapter!