Spiritual Gifts (Week 5)

I Corinthians 14:1-19

  1. When have you observed someone with the gift of prophecy or tongues? (Ex. Agabus Acts 11:28) When have you observed these gifts being distorted?
  2. Should someone who claims to have a prophecy be held to the same “one and done” standard as the prophets in the OT, minus the death sentence? (Deut 18:20-22, Deut 13:1-5)
  3. Can someone’s spiritual gift/s be polluted or misused if they are not walking in the Spirit? How?
  4. Why is Paul so concerned that in the church people speak intelligible words? (I Cor 14:6-19) How does that fit with the unintelligible “prayer language” so common in many churches today?
  5. What application do you find for these verses in your life?


Go early to small group and have someone join you in sharing the gospel in the park.

Fight Verse Challenge

Keep memorizing your summer challenge verses!

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