Christianity Astray (Week 10)

  1. Why did Paul and Barnabas give up their rights to marriage and making a living through the gospel? (9:5-6,12) What application does this have for us?
  2. Catholics use these verses to require Clerical celibacy and Mormons use these verses to mandate no paid clergy. (9:1-16) What is wrong with those interpretations?
  3. Paul made real sacrifice to contextualize the gospel and bring the gospel into people’s lives. (9:19-23) Give some examples of ways we can contextualize the gospel today.
  4. Paul says your life is a race to be lived with passion and enthusiasm in the spread of the gospel. Is that how most Christians live their lives? Why or why not?
  5. How did Paul discipline himself so as not to follow his fleshly impulses that would have prevented him from fulfilling his mission? (9:27)

Fellowship Challenge

Again, reach out to two people each day this week offering encouragement and prayer!

Evangelism Challenge

Come up with a way to get the gospel to someone this week. Share how you got the gospel out with your small group!

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