Christianity Astray (Week 13)

  1. Why is there such a battle in our society over gender roles? Do you think this is common around the globe? (Gen 3:16)
  2. In your own words define the following:
    a. Feminism
    b. Complementarianism
    c. Chauvinism
    Why does it matter which of these beliefs you hold to?
  3. Why do you think I Corinthians 11:3 is so explosively contentious?
  4. Why does it matter what the angels see or think? (I Cor 11:10, Eph 3:9-10)
  5. What do these verses teach us about masculinity and femininity? (11:7-16)

Evangelism Challenge

Give a tract and a generous tip this week!

Fellowship Challenge

Pick a length of scripture to memorize as a family June thru August!

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