Christianity Astray (Week 5)

1 Corinthians Chapter 5

  1. How do you see people today “exceeding what is written”? (4:6) How do people learn not to do that?
  2. How did Paul show the power of God (4:19) while being so down and out in a worldly sense (4:11-13)
  3. Why does Paul use sarcasm to admonish them? (4:8-10, 14) How would you respond to his sarcastic rebuke?
  4. Does it seem humble or prideful that Paul would tell others to imitate him? 1 Cor 4:16,11:1) Why? Would you tell others to do similarly with you?
  5. Does Paul’s strong approach to the Corinthians seem appropriate to you? (4:21) Why or why not?

Evangelism Challenge January – March

Keep praying for and reaching out to the 2-3 people in your life that you have committed to reach with the gospel!

Memorization Challenge February

Continue memorizing your way through Proverbs Chapter 1!

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