Christianity Astray (Week 7)

1 Corinthians Chapter 6

  1. Have you ever seen Christians divide because they cannot resolve “trivial” matters like the Corinthians’? (I Cor 6:2-8) What type of trivial matters often divide us, and what does Paul say is the solution?
  2. How is one wise Christian better than a judge or the law courts, when it comes to rendering a fair decision between Christians?
  3. What would you say to a believer who is asking for prayer in order to win a court against another believer?
  4. Read I Cor 6:9-10. Why are people so prone to be deceived about these issues?
  5. Read I Cor 6:12-20. If sexual sins are as dangerous as God says they are, why are so many Christians playing around with sexual temptation on the internet?

Evangelism Challenge January – March

Invite the 2-3 people you have been reaching out to, to join in some gathering of believers.

Memorization Challenge February

Finish memorizing Proverbs Chapter 1 this month!

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