Christianity Astray (Week 9)

  1. While eating meat sacrificed to idols is no longer an issue, what are some conscience issues that are controversial today?
  2. What happens when we handle conscience issues poorly?
  3. There are clearly ways of eating that are healthier for the body, does this mean they are more spiritual as well? (8:8) Why or why not?
  4. How would you handle someone who believed caffeine was wrong and sinful, yet still regularly drank caffeinated drinks?
  5. Does Paul mean that if some in the church believe we should only eat vegetables, and others believe we should not us fossil fuels, and still others think being vegan is the only way to live, we should all be vegan, bicycle riding, vegetarians? (8:11-13) Why or why not?
  6. How can we help one another develop more biblically informed consciences?

Evangelism Challenge:

Share the gospel with each of the 2-3 people you have been reaching out to, before the end of the month.

Fight Verse Challenge

Finish memorizing Proverbs Chapter 1!

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