Crazy World, Good God (Week 3)

A study through 1st and 2nd Peter – I Peter 2 – “Crazy World, Good God” (Week 3)

  1. God wants us to grow healthy spiritually. (I Peter 2:1-2) On a scale of 1-10, How would you rate the spiritual health of Christians today? Why?
  2. If the items listed in I Peter 2:1 are part of your diet, you will be very unhealthy spiritually. Which do you find most difficult to put aside?
  3. Some find Jesus to be of “Precious value” (I Peter 2:6-7) while others take offense (I Peter 2:8). How are we to understand this, in a day where everyone wants to redefine Jesus?
  4. How does growing spiritually relate to “proclaiming God’s excellencies”? (I Peter 2:9) How do you proclaim His excellencies?
  5. Do you know many Christians who keep their behavior “excellent”? (I Peter 2:12) Describe what that means?

Challenge 2021

“One A Week”

Share your faith with one person a week!

Reading Challenge

Continue reading through the scriptures in order to read the entire Bible this year!

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