Genesis – Where it all began (Week 25)

A study through the book of Genesis (Week 25) – “The Gateway To Heaven”

Genesis 28
  1. How does Esau compound his sin in seeking to honor his father while paying no attention to God? (Genesis 28:6-9) When do we have a tendency to do the same?
  2. Jacob is not where he wants to be, but he is where God wants him to be in order to meet with him. (Genesis 28:10-15) Can you think of any time where that has been the case in your life?
  3. How does Jacob respond to finding the gateway to heaven?(Genesis 28:16-17) How is our worldview shaped by the knowledge that God connects with us?
  4. Why do you think statistically so many Christians have an unbiblical worldview while reading the Bible and going to church?
  5. Why do God’s people often respond to God through giving? (Genesis 28:22; Genesis 14:18-20)

Challenge 2022

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Reading challenge

Continue reading through the Book of Genesis!