Genesis – Where it all began (Week 6)

A study through the book of Genesis (Week 6) – “Genesis – Where it all began”

Genesis 4
  1. At the first “worship service” both Cain and Abel offered sacrifices of worship but only Able actually loved and followed God? (Genesis 4:3-5; I John 3:11-12) Can you think of how that might look today?
  2. How could Cain not be saved when He knew God, talked with God, understood God made all things, and even brought a sacrifice in order to worship God? (Genesis 4:3; I John 3:11-12)
  3. In this day of being “authentic”, we often hear people say they are just being “real” or “authentic” when they speak of being angry with God. Is acknowledging anger against God a good thing or bad thing? Why? (Genesis 4:5-7)
  4. How does Genesis chapter 4 present the brokenness of families as a result of their parents’ sin? How do the sins of parents today affect their kids’ lives? (Proverbs 20:7)

Challenge 2022

Keep sharing your faith as a way of life!!!

Reading challenge

Continue reading through the Book of Genesis!