Jonah – Chapter Four

Have someone recite verses they have memorized from Proverbs 1!

Read Jonah Chapter 4.

  1. What stands out to you in Jonah 4?
  2. Why is Jonah such an unhappy servant? (3:10-4:1) What does that say about who he thinks should really be in control? Have you ever found yourself unhappy in your service to God?
  3. How could Jonah be so concerned for an insignificant plant, but not concerned at all for 120,000 people? (4:9-11s)
  4. How could Jonah’s heart be so unlike God’s, even while being a believer and a prophet?
  5. What does this chapter and book reveal about God?
  6. What are some appropriate applications you have come up with from Jonah?

Evangelism Challenge January – March

Have 2-3 people you are daily praying for and weekly reaching out to.

Memorization Challenge January – March

Memorize Proverbs 1!

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