Sharing – Amidst a Pandemic

Dear Church Family,

As we watch the news and hear of all that is going on in our country, we can easily become discouraged. However, as aliens and strangers in a land not our own (I Peter 2:11) this is a great time to remember our eternal home, and reach out to others with the eternal gospel of hope and eternal life with God.

Let me encourage you, there is not likely to be a time when you don’t have fear or nervousness in sharing the gospel, so just prayerfully determine to begin regularly sharing your faith.

For those who would like to join us, one way to make it a regular aspect of your week, is by going out before small group. You can meet up at the park 30 minutes early, and go talk to a few people. Also, some of us including Ivan and Ashley in Austin, and Alex Deshields in California, are trying to record our conversations so we can use these opportunities to encourage others to be faithful. We are taking a different current topic every four to six weeks, and going out discussing the topic with others and then turn those conversations into an opportunity for the gospel.

For the next four to six weeks, we are asking people this question: “With all that is going on in our country, what should the church be doing”. Depending on their response, this can be a great segway to sharing the gospel.

Here is a video of some conversations I had over the last number of weeks:

In Christ,

Pastor Troy

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