Christianity Astray (Week 3)

I Corinthians Chapter 2

  1. How would you describe what it means to be “spiritual”? How does that differ from the world’s definition?
  2. How could Paul bring a message of power, while he was fearful, weak, and trembling? (I Cor 2:3-4)
  3. Give some examples of the differences between God’s wisdom and man’s. (2:6-7)
  4. If God revealed His mind to us, how should we feel towards believers who mess with His truths? (2:9-10)
  5. How does Paul describe the one who is spiritual? (2:14-16)
  6. In a day were so many want to divorce the Spirit’s leading from the Word of God, how does this passage validate or invalidate that approach?

Evangelism Challenge January – March

Keep memorizing Proverbs chapter 1!

Memorization Challenge January – March

Pick 2-3 people in your life to reach out to with the gospel over the first 3 months of 2020. Pray for them daily and reach out to them weekly!

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